Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences (1st Supplement to 27ed)

Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences (1st Supplement to 27ed)
Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences (1st Supplement to 27ed)
McCormac, K
Sweet & Maxwell

Coverage includes:

  • Brings the main work up to date to April 1, 2016.
  • Further analysis of the issue of causation with regard to the offences of causing death by driving following the decision in R. v. Taylor (2016) in the context of an offence of aggravated vehicle taking (following R. v Hughes (2013)).
  • In-depth commentary on latest case law: Croitoru v Crown Prosecution Service [2016] (whether disability scooter is a motor vehicle); MacLean v Procurator Fiscal, Stornoway [2015] (endorsement for offences committed “on the same occasion”); R. v Ketteridge[2014] (not wrong in principle to disqualify a driver convicted of exposing himself);  R. v McGuffog [2015] (extension of time to appeal to the Supreme Court where law changes); R v Hunter [2015] (relevance of good character); Bates v Crown Prosecution Service [2015] (whether an identification parade was required in a speeding case).
  • Coverage of sentencing cases on causing death or serious injury by dangerous driving and on dangerous driving including: R v Usaceva (Marina) [2015]; R v Shanmugarasa Vinayagasivampillai [2015]; R v Hussain [2015]; R v Robert Smart [2015]; R v Mindaugas Baublys [2015]; R v Hamlett [2015].
  • Full consideration and coverage of new and important changes relating to motor insurance  and exclusions from cover following the decisions in Litaska UAB v. BTA Insurance Co. SE  [2015] and Delaney v. Secretary of State for Transport [2015]  and the consequent publishing of a new MIB Agreement.
  • Noting key changes to provisions governing driving of goods and passenger vehicles including the Vehicle Drivers (Certificates of Professional Competence) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 (extending the radius within which an empty goods or passenger vehicle can be driven and adding the Prison Service to the exempt bodies) and Regulation (EU) No. 165/2014 (making the tachograph more resistant to tampering and facilitating enforcement).
  • Note of relevant changes in the Criminal Procedure Rules 2015 (as amended) and the Criminal Practice Directions 2015 and the revised Code of Practice for Victims of Crime (2015).
  • Full updating in Noter-up to Volume 2.
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