The UK Supreme Court Yearbook Volume 7: 2016

The UK Supreme Court Yearbook Volume 7: 2016
The UK Supreme Court Yearbook Volume 7: 2016
Clarry, D
Appellate Press Ltd

The UK Supreme Court Yearbook critically reviews the jurisprudence of the UK Supreme Court in each legal year and publishes articles concerning key institutional and jurisprudential aspects of the Court and its decisions.

At some 520 pages in length, Volume 7 of the Yearbook comprises 40 contributions from over 50 authors, including:-

  • three current Justices of the UK Supreme Court (the President, Lord Neuberger; the Deputy President, Lady Hale; and the recently retired Justice, Lord Toulson),
  • the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia (Chief Justice French),
  • a former Attorney General of England & Wales (Dominic Grieve QC MP),
  • six distinguished professors and an associate professor
  • and 40 prominent barristers, 33 of whom are leading silks (QCs) and most of whom argued the many important cases before the Court in the past legal year.

Volume 7 also includes an additional piece written by Lord Millett (a former Law Lord) concerning what he believes is the ‘real question’ in the upcoming appeal to the UK Supreme Court in the important Article 50 ('Brexit') case (Miller v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union), which will be heard in early December 2016 before all 11 of the Justices of the Court, the first time the Court has ever taken such a step.

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