Tort Law Directions (6ed)

Tort Law Directions (6ed)
Tort Law Directions (6ed)
Bermingham, V
Oxford University Press

A considered balance of depth, detail, context, and critique, Tort Law Directions offers the most student-friendly guide to the subject, empowering students to evaluate the law, understand its practical application, and approach assessments with confidence.

Contents: 1: Law and system2: Trespass to the person and to land3: Negligence: duty of care4: Breach of duty5: Negligence: causation6: Negligence: duty of care problem areas7: General defences8: Negligence: occupiers' liability9: Employers' liability and non-delegable duties10: Vicarious liability11: Product liability12: Nuisance13: Rylands v Fletcher14: Elements of defamation15: Defences to defamation16: Privacy and misuse of private information17: Remedies and limitation

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