Tort (7ed)

Tort (7ed)
Hedley, S
Oxford University Press

The seventh edition of Tort introduces the central principles of the subject, providing a clear and concise exposition of the law in an easy-to-use format.

The text is an excellent introduction to this key area of undergraduate study, and can also be used as an ongoing revision and reference source to provide extra support to students throughout their studies.

Features such as chapter summaries, self-test questions, and further reading lists allow students to check and consolidate their understanding and assist independent learning.

  • Covers the essential principles of tort law in a clear and succinct style, making it an ideal introductory or supplementary text
  • Self-test questions and further reading suggestions encourage students to check and further their understanding of the key issues
  • The clear layout, many sub-headings, and paragraph references ensure the text is easy to follow and understand

New to this edition

  • This edition has been fully updated to reflect recent developments in the law, including discussion of new cases on defamation, harassment, false imprisonment, vicarious liability, right to life, standard of care, conspiracy and more

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