Tolley's Property Taxation 2014-2015

Tolley's Property Taxation
Tolley's Property Taxation 2014-2015
Cannon, P

Tolley's Property Taxationis the essential reference book on property taxation in the UK - providing an answer to every query.

Covering all current and proposed taxes on property, including CGT, SDLT, VAT and Income Tax, the book takes an integrated approach, looking at the interaction of taxes in certain areas, rather than just individually and provides authoritative answers to all your queries in a single volume.

Detailed chapters include all the common (and less common) situations for the practitioner and their client, covering everything from REITs and Other Fund Vehicles, to Capital Allowances and Rental Investments. Technical issues are illustrated by examples throughout and, where relevant, detailed commentary on applicable case law and precedents supports in-depth research.

Featuring authoritative planning advice from leading property tax specialists such as Martin Scammell and Patrick Cannon,Tolley’s Property Taxationis written to assist the novice and expert alike, in whatever line of business where UK property is an issue.

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