Technology and Construction Court: Practice & Procedure

Technology and Construction Court: Practice & Procedure
Coulson, P
Sweet & Maxwell

Technology and Construction Court: Practice and Procedure is a detailed practice manual that gives practitioners dealing with the court access to highly authoritative guidance on the procedures involved in bringing a case before the court.
Written by a judge of the court, it provides the assurance that procedures will be followed correctly in what is effectively the specialist court of the High Court dealing with those complicated and technical civil disputes which are not the province of some other specialist tribunal.
* Provides best practice guidance on all procedural matters relating to the Technology and Construction Court
* Takes the reader through the conduct of the stages of litigation in the TCC in a chronological order
* Discusses the legal principles
* Explains all pre-trial matters such as disclosure, gathering of expert evidence and Schott Schedules
* Analyses judicial decisions
* Deals with costs issues
* Reproduces all relevant forms
* Deals with the TCC's role in adjudication

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