Summerskill on Laytime (5ed)

Summerskill on Laytime (5ed)
Summerskill on Laytime (5ed)
Baughen, S
Sweet & Maxwell

This new edition of Summerskill on Laytime brings a highly respected text up to date to reflect modern shipping and legal practice.

It examines all the key aspects of laytime, the charterer’s duties and considerations, the nature of the laytime, its calculation, legal/contractual 'excuses' for delay, and then demurrage, damages for detention, and claims.

  • First new editon of a classic shipping law text since 1989
  • Goes through the practical and legal considerations which determine whether a party has complied with the laytime terms of a voyage charterparty or a sale of goods contract
  • Explains the consequences of failure to comply
  • Shows how damages are assessed
  • Provides detailed commentary on the laytime and demurrage clauses from a range of charterparties
  • Examines English arbitration awards in detail
  • Discusses US and Commonwealth arbitration awards and cases
  • Introduces new chapters on damages for detention and on sales contracts
  • Contains flow diagrams illustrating procedures and worked examples of key calculations, such as demurrage
  • Features a glossary of specialist terms

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