summer 2016.2

The end of June saw further changes to the Avizandum team.  We helped Alan celebrate his retirement with a decent knees-up and the gift of a red kazoo (corporate colours of course) and welcomed Colin, who arrived at 56A Candlemaker Row on his motorbike with great enthusiasm and a wealth of new ideas.

We have a range of cards and prints that make ideal gifts e.g. for the newly qualified, new staff or those moving on, or just for those busy days when you need to smile!

Recent notable publications include the 4th edition of Planning-4ed .  A thorough update and revision has gone into this latest edition, resulting in the most practical and complete analysis of planning law in Scotland, it is essential reading for those involved in construction.

Also the 10th edition Keating on Construction Contracts, which includes up-to-date guidance on key case decisions, full coverage of Supreme Court cases and expanded coverage of procurement including the effect of the Jackson reforms.keating-Construction-Contracts-10ed

Other recent publications are: scottish-civic-government-licensing-law-4ed in the Greens Annotated Acts series; Individual-Conduct-and-Accountability-practical-guide-Financial-services-firms, which gives detailed and practical guidance on the new rules governing the conduct and behaviour of individuals in financial institutions; and Rook-Ward-Sexual-Offences-Law-Practice-5ed  , which provides guidance on the law relating to sexual offences as it applies in England and Wales, but may well be of interest to Scots practitioners.

At the end of July, the keenly anticipated 2nd edition of Education-Law-Scotland-2ed is due to be published.  This edition has been brought up to date with the nine Acts of the Scottish Parliament dealing with education since the last edition, other Acts bearing upon the subject, and a new chapter on the law relating to teachers. Please note the price revision (since publication of the Avizandum Spring catalogue).

Other publications expected in July include: Rights-and-Duties-Directors-2016-15ed which will be relevant to those advising company directors; /Commercial Awareness for Lawyers , covering specific business skills required to be a lawyer and will assist trainees and junior solicitors on practical points of legal business to develop greater commercial understanding.

Enforcement-Heritable-Securities-2ed, an essential text for those advising home owners and lenders; Property-Law-Guide-Scots-Law, a brand new introductory title focusing specifically on Property Law; Gower-Davies-Principles-Modern-Company-Law-10ed: , a clear and reliable text for students and practitioners; and International-Law-8ed Wallace & Martin-Ortega:

At the end of summer (as per the calendar if not the weather!), we can look forward to Practical-Guide-Charity-Law-Scotland providing a Scotland specific text and Contract-Law-Scotland-4ed In the wider UK context, the new editions of both Craig’s Administrative-Law-8ed and Davies-Principles-Tax-Law-8ed and Facts & Figures 2016/17

For those with time off during the summer months, our ‘leisure/holiday reading’ shelf and second hand section provide a selection of interesting items.  Browsers are very welcome.  For example:Intolerance-divided-societies-trial, an exploration of issues from interesting times, including the Salem witch hunts and the great fire of London, or,The Trial of Dr Pritchard, printed in 1906 as part of the Notable Scottish Trials series (please phone, visit or email the shop for information on second hand items).  On a lighter note, maybe The Queen’s Counsel Official Lawyer’s Handbook , a collection of satirical cartoons previously appearing in The Times.

We also have a large number of Stair Society publications in stock if you have been searching for certain titles to complete your own set, or perhaps would like to start collecting these.  Please feel free to pop into the shop or get in touch with us by email or telephone.