Shareholders Agreements and Joint Ventures in China 2ed

Shareholders Agreements and Joint Ventures in China 2ed
Sweet & Maxwell Asia

This title provides the current, comprehensive information you need to establish effective, legally correct shareholder agreements and joint ventures in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

Its respected author offers you the legal expertise he has gained from almost 30 years of assisting Western corporations doing business in China.

A concise, one-stop source that helps you educate yourself quickly and assist business clients

  • Includes practical examples and real-life case studies to show you how to apply PRC legal theory and principles
  • Provides detailed coverage of joint ventures in the PRC, including the basis for contracts, contract drafting issues, various structures, financing, dispute settlements, liquidation, mandatory joint ventures and common complaints and compliments
  • Discusses relevant laws governing real estate acquisition, technology transfer, trademark licensing, employment, taxation and other topics
  • Gives an overview of China’s economic history to put current law into context
  • Contains appendices of the PRC’s key business laws and regulations translated in to English as well as a chart that gives the Chinese language titles of business laws and rules to assist you in doing advanced research
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