Shareholder Actions

Shareholder Actions
Shareholder Actions
Bloomsbury Professional

This new title examines and interprets the law surrounding minority shareholders' rights. Minority shareholders are shareholders who have minority stakes in a company that is controlled by a majority shareholder.


Chapter 1 Companies’ Separate Legal Personality;
Chapter 2 Directors and their Duties;
Chapter 3 Shareholders’ Relationships;
Chapter 4 The Liability of Directors and Advisers of the Company Directly to Shareholders;
Chapter 5 Who is in Control? The Rule in Foss v Harbottle;
Chapter 6 Derivative Claims;
Chapter 7 Personal Claims;
Chapter 8 Non-Recoverability of Reflective Loss;
Chapter 9 Unfair Prejudice: Section;
Chapter 10 Unfair Prejudice: Section;
Chapter 11 Just and Equitable Winding Up;
Chapter 12 Inter-relationship of Remedies;
Chapter 13 Taxation Issues;
Chapter 14 Shareholder Claims in Australia;
Chapter 15 Canada – Comparisons.

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