Sale and Supply of Goods and Services (3ed)

Sale and Supply of Goods and Services (3ed)
Sale and Supply of Goods and Services (3ed)
Christou, R
Hb + cd
Sweet & Maxwell

Sale and Supply of Goods and Services presents a complete guide to the principles, practice and procedure of all aspects of the supply of goods and services.

It offers highly practical, non-academic guidance for dayto- day use in commercial practice.

The new 3rd edition incorporates the latest legislative and case law developments, bringing the text fully up to date.

  • Covers business to business and business to consumer transactions, as well as transactions between private individuals
  • Provides the information to solve the issues encountered in practice
  • Covers pre-contractual issues, the formation of contracts, the discharge of contracts and defective performance
  • Includes a whole section on sale of goods and the internet
  • Considers the factors which can make a defective contract, including mistake, frustration and force majeure, clarifying the principles so they can be applied easily
  • Helps resolve clients’ disputes by providing guidance on remedies for defective performance under contract and tort law, and misrepresentation or unjust enrichment are involved
  • Covers the methods of dispute resolution which are available, including the county court, High Court, arbitration, mediation and ADR
  • Provides checklists to ensure all the important points are covered
  • Includes a CD-ROM containing easily accessible complete precedents
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