Residential Possession Proceedings (9ed)

Residential Possession Proceedings (9ed)
Residential Possession Proceedings (9ed)
Webber, G
Sweet & Maxwell

Residential Possession Proceedings explains how a landlord or mortgage can effect possession of a property or how an occupant can prevent an order for possession being made.

The book’s structure complements practitioners’ workflow, taking them step-by-step through the principles of the law and then the procedures involved. Its comprehensive coverage deals with the different types of tenancies, such as assured, assured shorthold and secure tenancies.

It also covers different housing situations including:

  • Rent Act tenancies
  • Introductory tenancies
  • Flexible tenancies
  • Mobile homes
  • Human rights act defences
  • Equality and discrimination
  • Trespassers

New to the 9th edition:

  • Revised chapter on Human Rights, Public Law and Possession following the cases of Manchester City Council v Pinnock and London Borough of Hounslow v Powell 
  • Impact of the Equality Act 2010 on discrimination related possession proceedings
  • A New chapter on orders for sale dealing with both substantive law (Jones v Kernott and Stack v Dowden) and procedure
  • Changes to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme brought about by the Localism Act 2010
  • New Flexible Tenancy procedure explained
  • Impact of Debt Relief Orders on possession

You’ll find Residential Possession Proceedings:

  • Looks at the issues from both landlord and tenant viewpoints
  • Shows how the possession principles apply in all the different types of tenancies and housing situations
  • Takes practitioners step-by-step through the possession process
  • Explains court procedures, including evidence requirements
  • Discusses the latest case law, legislation and forms
  • Reproduces statutory extracts, giving access to all relevant material within the one publication
  • Provides the tools for each stage of proceedings, including court forms with guidance on how they should be used
  • Features checklist of key information to help ensure nothing is overlooked
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