Renewal of Business Tenancies (5ed)

Renewal of Business Tenancies (5ed)
Renewal of Business Tenancies (5ed)
Reynolds, K
Sweet & Maxwell
  • Provides expert guidance on all the stages of business tenancy renewal
  • Explains how the law is applied, the right to renew and the role of the court
  • Goes through the individual components of the tenancy renewal process from termination to the hearing and afterwards
  • Details the transactions to which the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 applies
  • Presents a range of examples throughout the text, giving highly practical solutions to complex procedures
  • Provides advice on tactics and timing to help get the best results for clients
  • Proposes workable solutions to the problems encountered
  • Shows how to prepare for hearings, what to do, and how to deal with the aftermath
  • Supports the text by reference to statutes, practice directions, and CPR
  • Presents non-prescribed forms and precedents
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