Renewal of Business Tenancies (4ed)

Renewal of Business Tenancies (4ed)
Renewal of Business Tenancies (4ed)
Reynolds, K
Sweet & Maxwell

Renewal of Business Tenancies gives you detailed and unrivalled guidance on the law and practice involved with the renewal of business leases. It provides advice on how to overcome the tricky issues facing you when you are working on tenancy renewals for commercial premises.

The book examines the right to renew and the role of the court in the process. There’s advice on preparing for hearings, what to do in court and how to deal with the outcome.

Renewal of Business Tenancies covers every stage of the renewal: termination, serving notices and responding, applications\for new tenancies, opposition on the part of the landlord, terms of new tenancy, carrying out the order, and preparing for hearings.

Practical examples are provided throughout, so that you can see how the complexities of the procedures work in practice. There’s also advice on how to employ the right tactics at the right time, so you can make sure your negotiations have the best possible results.

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