Rating Valuation Principles & Practice 3ed

Rating Valuation Principles & Practice
Rating Valuation Principles & Practice 3ed
Bond, P
Estates Gazette

The 10,000 students studying valuation as a part of their Real Estate Management degree every year have to calculate the rating yield of any property they value.

However, since the long history of this law dates back to 1601 it's complicated and can be difficult to understand.

This is the only textbook devoted to this complex aspect of property valuation, starting with an explanation for beginners and leading up to advanced topics, making it the only book on the subject a student will need. It covers the history of rating, current rating law and how to apply the principles to practical valuations of every type of property, from rented flats to cinemas and golf courses.

The following are the new to this edition! It includes the brand new 2010 rating lists and 25 per cent new material! It also includes extended sections on Heriditament and separate coverage of the law in Wales. It is revised to cover all changes in rating law since the last edition from 2005. It features completely up-to-date cases for a reliable overview of rating valuation today.

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