Public-Private Partnerships: A Practical Analysis (2ed)

Public-Private Partnerships
Public-Private Partnerships: A Practical Analysis (2ed)
Avery, N
Globe Business Publishing

Public-private partnership (PPP) projects have been used throughout the world for many years to facilitate major public projects. Post credit crunch, many governments remain committed to this form of finance as part of their strategy to stimulate their economies and maintain public services.

This wholly updated second edition once again examines from a commercial perspective the major sectors where PPP structures have been successfully employed. The second edition features new chapters on social housing, waste management and the use of PPP across continental Europe. Leading practitioners analyse structures and topical developments, and address overarching issues such as the role of financing institutions and EU procurement rules.

If you need to understand the latest techniques relevant to a particular sector in PPP or to understand how responses have developed in jurisdictions where PPP is firmly established might be applied to new markets, this book will be an invaluable tool in your research.

This new edition is essential reading for in-house counsel and private practice lawyers, facility managers, technical advisers and those working in government departments and agencies.

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