Practical Guide to Rent Review of Agricultural Holdings in Scotland

Practical Guide to Rent Review of Agricultural Holdings in Scotland
Barraclough, FR
W Green & Son

Rent review of agricultural holdings in Scotland should be a straightforward business transaction. Due to the extent that the law has intervened, this is not true. This title is a straightforward, non-technical guide to the full process of rent review of agricultural holdings. The excellent explanations and advice contained make the procedure easily understandable.

Written by a well-known surveyor, this is the only Scottish title to give a full treatment of agricultural rent review. The fact that it deals with matters relevant to rent review and does not diversify means that it covers the area completely and is as focused as possible. The important practical advice on this most common agricultural transaction contained in this title is not available anywhere else.

This is a must have title for all involved in the process of agricultural rent review. Rural surveyors and agricultural solicitors will need a clear understanding of this procedure to carry out their jobs correctly. This title ensures you have knowledge and understanding to serve clients with confidence. Auctioneers and agricultural arbiters will also find this title necessary to guarantee they make the right decisions. Finally, Rent Review of Agricultural Holdings in Scotland is a valuable title for landowners themselves, to ensure they are aware of their rights and that all procedures are correctly adhered to.

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