Powers of Attorney (10ed)

Powers of Attorney
Powers of Attorney (10ed)
Aldridge, TM
Sweet & Maxwell

Setting out the scope of Powers of Attorney and offering full guidance on their creation, interpretation and use:

  • Clarifies the role, powers and duties of donor, attorney and third parties
  • Updates the regime and explains the impact of the Mental Capacity Act 2005, including the impact of the Lasting Powers of Attorney
  • Incorporates a general update of other secondary legislation and case law
  • Begins with definitions and works through the creation, exercise and duration of Powers
  • Shows how Powers of Attorney are used in different situations, including land and companies
  • Explains how Powers of Attorney interact with trusts law
  • Advises on issues to consider when drafting Powers of Attorney
  • Contains forms and precedents, including over 20 forms of document for general use, ancillary documents for use by trustees and more than 40 clauses for appointment, authority conferred, restrictions on authority, the manner of exercising powers and execution
  • Reproduces relevant statutes, SIs and rules
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