Pensions and Employment Law: Issues at the Interface

Pensions and Employment Law
Pensions and Employment Law: Issues at the Interface
Hardy, S
Sweet & Maxwell

Clarifying the impact the two areas have on one another this book is ideal for pensions and employment practitioners.

  • Gives you a practical overview of the pensions issues that can be encountered in employment cases and of the employment issues that can arise in pensions cases
  • Sets out the essential legal principles governing each area
  • Covers complex areas such as maternity leave policy, trades union matters and discrimination
  • Includes commentary and analysis of The Finance Act 2008/9
  • Includes definitions of common terms in employment law
  • Presents guidance and solutions for tackling issues that affect both areas such as trades unions and discrimination
  • Explains key aspects of contracts of employment
  • Includes the EAT form
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