Paterson's Licensing Acts 2016 Including CD-ROM (HB & CD-ROM)

Paterson's Licensing Acts 2016 Including CD-ROM (HB & CD-ROM)
Paterson's Licensing Acts 2016 Including CD-ROM (HB & CD-ROM)
Phillips, J
Hb + cd

Paterson's Licensing Acts is written by the leading experts in licensing law, enabling you to deliver definitive and up-co-dace advice to your clients and courts with confidence.

Paterson's was first published in 1876 and therefore offers an unrivalled 140 years of distinguished legal heritage. For many years the text has been known as the 'bible' on licensing law and has been cited both before, and frequently by, licensing committees and magistrates, as well as judges in the High Court, Court of Appeal and House of Lords (as was) for over a century. It has long been an essential purchase for anyone advising on the licensed trade.

Paterson's deals comprehensively with licensing law in England and Wales. It provides a review of recent case law, as well as detailed and clear analysis of new and forthcoming changes in licensing law incorporating all relevant legislation, regulations, orders, and standard forms to provide a completely up-to-dace reference source for all serious practitioners and advisers.

For this, the 125th edition, we have gone back to the roots of Paterson's and streamlined the text into one volume, which as always contains full derails of the major changes over the past 12 months. All statutory materials have been updated, with new material added where relevant. Recent cases have been incorporated and commentary supplied, while Additional Materials and Forms have been moved to the accompanying CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM contains the full text of the book and is fully searchable for quick and ready ease-of-use. An updated version of the CO-ROM is sent free of charge to all registered purchasers of the text mid-year, meaning you can always be up-to-dace with the latest developments.

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