The new Spring 2016 Bookshop Catalogue has just been printed. A mailing will go out soon, in the meantime it is available to view from the Bookshop Links on the left.

In the middle of February we were very sad to say Goodbye to Lissie, our Bookshop Manager. She is now working in the legal profession for which her two years at the bookshop has prepared her excellently well. We wish her all the best.

Spring is on the move at last, though you would not think it when Candlemaker Row is enveloped in sea haar, but the Meadows are carpeted in joyous crocuses and daffodils. Things are beginning to move on the book publishing front too. February and March saw the publication of six new titles for the Scottish market.

A quick reminder of what has been published already this year:

And one which we nearly missed:
Environmental Law in Scotland: An Introduction and Guide. This new textbook includes sections on nuisance (including statutory nuisance), noise, air pollution (including climate change), waste, contaminated land and water pollution, planning and control of pollution, and nature conservation. The author also assesses the contribution of European environmental law on the law within Scotland.

In May we are looking forward to seeing Church and State in Scotland: Developing Law by Frank Lyall. Scotland was the first country to adopt Presbyterianism in its national church and so adopted a system of church government which is now in world-wide use. This book examines the development and current state of Scots law. Drawing on previous material as well as discussing current topical issues, it makes some comparisons between Scotland and other legal and religious jurisdictions.

Also due out this Spring are: Scottish Civic Government Licensing Law (4ed) in the Greens Annotated Acts series; a new edition of Mental Health, Incapacity and the Law in Scotland (2ed); and an eagerly awaited new edition of Neil Collar's Planning (4ed). And the hardy annual, now in its 125th year The Scottish Law Directory 2016 otherwise known in Scotland as "The White Book".

Looking a little further ahead we should see a new edition of Education Law in Scotland by Janys Scott and Employment Law in Context: Text and Materials (2ed) by David Cabrelli.

Our friends over the border have been busy with more than 40 books due or to be published in the Spring. They are listed below under New and Forthcoming or Just Published, but here are a few which we would like to highlight. A new edition of Delay and Disruption in Construction Contracts by Andrew Burr appeared in February; and the 17th edition of Copinger and Skone James on Copyright in March. And so that we can mind our p's and q's, Monty Raphael QC, one of the most respected lawyers in this field, has just published Bribery: Law and Practice - a comprehensive, authoritative overview of this increasingly significant area of law.

And now for some light relief. May has seen the publication of a new biography Marshall Hall: A Law Unto Himself In an age of inadequate defence funding, minimal forensic evidence, a rigid moral code making little allowance for human passion and a reactionary judiciary, his only real weapons were his understanding of human psychology and the power of his personality.

And Cambridge University Press is publishing Is Killing People Right?: More Great Cases that Shaped the Legal World. This is a companion to Is Eating People Wrong? Great Legal Cases and How they Shaped the World which figures on our best-selling list.

You can explore the sections below for more information about recently published or forthcoming titles. As always, we are happy to accept advance orders for forthcoming titles, and offer free delivery within the UK. If you would like us to notify you upon publication of a particular title, please get in touch with your contact details.