We’re back! Did you miss us? September brought us the start of a new academic year, a new court term and several new publications, all of which made things pretty hectic! Unfortunately, one consequence of being so busy was that the September newsletter never quite made it out. To make up for it, we now bring you a bumper newsletter with plenty of food for thought.

Before we launch into book news, we would like to announce that Avizandum Bookshop will be having a SULI 30% Off Sale . The sale will run throughout November and December, and applies to all SULI titles except those published in 2015 (namely Leases and Constitutional Law) and Anton’s Private International Law. Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information, or wish to reserve a book.

In our July Newsletter, we announced the publication of Local Planning Reviews in Scotland, the latest new title from Avizandum Publishing. The book was published in September and has had some great reviews; Mark Myles (Director of MBM Planning & Development and Planning Adviser to Aberdeenshire Council LRB) describes it as ‘a very accessible, up to date and logical step by step guide on Local Planning Reviews in Scotland ... All in all an excellent and valuable first book on the subject.’

Greens have also had a busy couple of months. We announced several new editions in our August Newsletter, but there are a few more that need to be mentioned. September brought us Family Law (4ed) and Public Law (3ed) followed in October. More recently, Greens published the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2009 (2ed). This new edition brings the reader entirely up to date with the current legislation, in line with the significant developing case law. We would also like to highlight a couple of notable forthcoming titles. Firstly, Charles Hennessy has written a Guide to the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014. This essential title contains the full provisions of the Act along with practical guidance on how it impacts upon those working in the Scottish legal system. Publication is expected by the end of the year. Also, in November Greens will be publishing Avoiding Professional Negligence Claims. This book provides the expert guidance and practical tools needed to ensure you prevent claims being made against you and your firm, and can efficiently manage any which are.

Before the end of the year, we can expect some new editions of established texts from Sweet and Maxwell. Recent weeks have brought us a new MacGillivray on Insurance Law (13ed). In addition to a comprehensive commentary on non-maritime commercial insurance law, this title also provides detailed analysis of the highly significant Insurance Act 2015 and outlines its impact on the law of warranties, good faith, and remedies. We have also just taken stock of Chitty on Contracts (32ed). Three years have passed since the previous edition, and this new edition has been fully updated with fresh insight and aid in complex areas of the law. Chitty will be joined by a new edition of Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences (27ed), the go-to guide covering every facet of road traffic law in England and Wales.

Another recently published title of note is Codification, Transplants and History: Law Reform in Louisiana (1808) and Quebec (1866). Written by Dr. John Cairns, this new title explores the legal history and context of the Civil Codes of Louisiana and Quebec, and examines the rich, complex, and varying legal cultures - French, Spanish, Civilian and Anglo-American - on which the two sets of redactors drew in drafting their codes.

Last, but not least (except perhaps in terms of size), this time of year means new supplements! The following have all been recently published;

Clerk & Lindsell on Torts (21ed) 1st Supplement
Kelly's Legal Precedents (21ed) 1st Supplement
Benjamin's Sale of Goods (9ed) 1st Supplement (Special Supplement)
Colinvaux's Law of Insurance (10ed) 1st Supplement
Stroud's Judicial Dictionary of Words and Phrases (8ed) 3rd Supplement

You can explore the sections below for more information about recently published or forthcoming titles. As always, we are happy to accept advance orders for forthcoming titles, and offer free delivery within the UK. If you would like us to notify you upon publication of a particular title, please get in touch with your contact details.