The mysterious TAK, whose artwork will be known to many of you, has produced an exclusive range of cards, cartoons and caps for us. We’re very excited to show them to you – with a mix of old favourites and brand new designs, there’s something for everyone! Pop into the shop to have a look, or email us for more information.

And now the books! Sweet & Maxwell spent the last few weeks before Christmas in a publishing frenzy, and have produced new editions of some established practitioner titles:

Hudson's Building and Engingeering Contracts (13ed)
Lewison’s Interpretation of Contracts (6ed)
Bullen, Leake & Jacob’s Precedents of Pleadings (18ed)
Russell on Arbitration (24ed)
Chitty on Contracts (32ed)
Wilkinson's Road Traffic Offences (27ed)

These have been accompanied by the inevitable year-end flurry of supplements:

McGregor on Damages (1st Supplement to the 19ed)
Phipson on Evidence (1st Supplement to the 18ed)
Gatley on Libel and Slander (1st Supplement to the 12ed)
Arlidge,  Eady & Smith on Contempt of Court (2nd Supplement to the 4ed)
De Smith’s Judicial Review (2nd Supplement to the 7ed)
Lewin on Trusts (1st Supplement to the 19ed)
Jackson & Powell on Professional Liability (4th Supplement to the 7ed)

Greens have also been busy. November brought us the highly-anticipated Guide to the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014 and Avoiding Professional Negligence Claims. More recently, Greens have published Contract: Cases and Materials (3ed), providing a fully updated reference work on Scots contract law. In January, we are looking forward to a new edition of the popular Commercial Leases in Scotland: A Practitioner’s Guide (3ed). The book is a complete source of both information and expert advice, and contains statutes, cases and a glossary of Scottish commercial leasing terms.

LexisNexis have produced a new title on environmental law; Convenient Action: Continuity for Change. The book is written by Mr Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, and was recently launched by French President Francois Hollande at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. The book gives a snapshot of all the latest developments in India relating to climate change, including a brief on India’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). This book also connects with international community and provides a great deal of inspiration to various cross sections of the society to join in the global drive to deal with the challenges of climate change. LexisNexis have also just published the Words and Phrases Legally Defined 2015 Supplement.

Edinburgh Legal Education Trust has just added a new title to their Studies in Scots Law series. Private Water Rights is the first book to be published on the law of water in Scotland for more than 100 years. The book examines the history of water law, and provides an analysis of the modern law with comparative references to other legal systems.

You can explore the sections below for more information about recently published or forthcoming titles. As always, we are happy to accept advance orders for forthcoming titles, and offer free delivery within the UK. If you would like us to notify you upon publication of a particular title, please get in touch with your contact details. All that remains is for us to wish you the joys of the season, and we will see you in 2016!