NEC3 User's Guide, A

NEC3 User's Guide, A
NEC3 User's Guide, A
Broome, J
ICE Publishing

This book provides an essential guide for the successful operation of a contract let under the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract.

It includes a brief history of the development of the NEC3 family of contracts with a focus on the Engineering and Construction Contract, detailed advice on contract strategy and an outline of the main clauses and procedures of the ECC. It discusses the experience of users from all parts of the industry and, most importantly, focuses on the implementation of good practice - taking readers through what is necessary for the effective and efficient operation of the ECC.

Updated to cover NEC3, this is a helpful problem-solving guide providing structured hints and tips in a conversational style.

Contents: Part I: Introducing the NEC3 family ofcontracts and how they fit together.- A Brief History of the NEC3 family ofcontracts.- How Clarity & Simplicity are achieved- How Flexibility is achieved- The mechanisms for Stimulating GoodProject Management- A Quick Run through of the contractPart II: Implementation- Pre-tender- Preparing the Tender- Evaluating the Tender- Post Award- Implementing the ContractPart III: Advanced Practice- Use of Incentives to Stimulate HighPerformance- Communications using IT as enabler- Earned Value Analysis (EVA) with activityschedules.- Threat & Opportunity Management- The Last Planner TM technique- Critical Chain project management(CCpm).

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