Medical Negligence (4ed)

Medical Negligence
Medical Negligence (4ed)
Jones, M
Sweet & Maxwell

Delivering a comprehensive analysis of the potential legal liabilities of healthcare professionals, the 4th edition of Medical Negligence:

  • Provides thorough analysis of the tort of negligence as it applies to the provision of health care
  • Covers the general principles of medical negligence and covers specific areas such as consent to medical treatment, defective products, confidentiality and the liability of hospitals
  • Covers emerging issues related to medical negligence practice including the NHS Redress Act
  • Provides thorough coverage of defences and Limitation
  • Analyses current case law and interprets applicable legislation
  • Provides authoritative, in-depth guidance which is quoted in court more than the leading competitor
  • Offers clear, concise analysis applicable to generalist and specialist practitioners
  • Includes the latest developments of the emerging issues both within and related to medical negligence practice
  • Includes a glossary of medical terms and the text of Pre-action Protocol for the Resolution of Clinical Disputes and the text of NHS Indemnity Arrangements for Clinical Negligence Claims in the NHS
  • Supplemented bi-annually to ensure continued coverage of developments in the law
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