Local Authority Health & Safety Enforcement

Local Authority Health & Safety Enforcement
Penn, CN
Shaw & Sons Ltd

Up to now there has been no single publication drawing together the main health and safety legislation and enforcement methods available to local authorities.

This book is a practical guide for health and safety practitioners in local government that deals with the main elements of enforcement they are likely to encounter. The book starts by providing details of common law decisions which influence the courts in criminal proceedings under health and safety legislation.;Chapters on enforcement and prosecution contain a wealth of practical advice on the procedures and practicalities of preparing for and taking action to deal with breaches of health and safety law. The chapter on accidents is aimed at those who have to prepare for, investigate, and then subsequently decide on appropriate action. It deals in some detail with the causes and investigation of accidents and the practical side of risk assessment and hazard analysis.

Many local authorities struggle to secure adequate resources to carry out their health and safety functions.;A chapter dealing with planning for the implementation of the regulatory role provides information on the mandatory requirements, training, and health and safety auditing, providing many examples of good practice. Comprehensive tables of cases, statutes and a useful bibliography complete this valuable guide.

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