Lindley & Banks on Partnership (20ed)

Lindley & Banks on Partnership (20ed)
Lindley & Banks on Partnership (20ed)
I'Anson Banks, R
Sweet & Maxwell

Lindley & Banks on Partnership gives you comprehensive and practical coverage of the law relating to both general and limited partnerships. It takes you through all aspects of the life of a partnership, from its nature and formation to the usual contents of a partnership agreement, common areas of dispute, the liabilities undertaken by partners both internally and externally and, finally, to dissolution, winding up and insolvency. Through its clear and concise interpretation and explanation of this complex area of law, it delivers the highest level of practical insight and advice.

  • Provides in-depth statement of the law on partnership
  • Sets out the general principles and analyses them via detailed discussion of case law
  • Explains the nature of partnership and the different types of partnership
  • Looks at the formation of partnerships by formal agreement and explains why a written agreement is required, what it can contain and why
  • Examines the rights and obligations of partners between themselves with particular reference to financial rights and duties, the duty of good faith, partnership property and shares
  • Analyses areas where litigation between partners is common and the types of remedies available
  • Deals with the dissolution and winding up of partnerships
  • Covers relevant aspects of tax and insolvency law
  • Goes through important case law
  • Reproduces relevant legislation, provisions of the Civil Procedure Rules and other materials so they can be consulted easily in one convenient reference source
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