Licensing Law and Regulation (2ed)(Formerly 'Licensed Premises: Law and Practice')

Licensing Law and Regulation (2ed)
Licensing Law and Regulation (2ed)(Formerly 'Licensed Premises: Law and Practice')
Kolvin, P
Bloomsbury Professional

Licensed Premises: Law, Practice and Policy, Second Edition is a highly practical guide to the licensed industry. It clearly explains, through the use of case studies, practical tools and strategic policy advice, how the licensing regime, allied to other statutory and voluntary schemes, can be used to develop a more sustainable, diverse leisure economy.

Untangling the web of licensing law:
The new edition is supported by copious charts and tables to simplify explanations and argues for a strategic approach to licensing, explaining how it is part of a much larger web of control of the night time economy.
Each interlocking contribution is written by an expert in their field. These include those in the areas of planning, noise, policing, door supervision, health and safety and local government strategies – all to ensure that every reader can gain an understanding of how the whole system works, as well as each individual part.

Fully updated to include Hemming, Levy and EMROs:
Timed to coincide with the new fees, regime, the outcome of the crucial Hemming case as well as Levy and EMROs, this new edition addresses such questions as ‘Are enforcement costs recoverable from licensees?’, ‘What are the effects of the Services Directive on licensing?’ and “May objections be made to EMROs on socio-economic grounds?” It also includes coverage of: Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011; Localism Act 2011 and Policing and Crime Act 2009.

The second edition also contains and covers:

  • Strategic and policy advice for those working in the licensing field
  • The role of policy in creating vibrant economies and the role of evidence, proximity and opening hours
  • Standards of excellence for licensing authorities, officers, councilors, lawyers, and in licensing hearings
  • Public sector duties of licensing authorities, including the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, the Equality Act, human rights, the Provision of Services Regulations, the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act 2006 and RIPA
  • Statutory remedies in the night time economy, including controlled drinking zones, dispersal orders, directions to leave, EMROs, area closure orders, reviews, premises closures, drink banning orders, confiscation powers and alcohol arrest referral schemes

Practical sections and appendices
Licensed Premises: Law, Practice and Policy, Second Edition is supplemented by a series of appendices encompassing helpful advice from government, trade associations and other bodies as well as a summary of the key case law in the field.

Philip Kolvin QC is a barrister and Head of Licensing at Cornerstone Barristers, Gray’s Inn, London. He is also Patron of the Institute of Licensing, the national body for licensing professionals, and Chairman of Best Bar None and Purple Flag. Philip is widely published in the field of licensing and is the editor ofLicensed Premises: Law, Practice and Policy,Gambling for Local Authorities: Licensing, Planning and RegenerationandSex Licensing. Philip is an Associate Tenant at Kings Chambers, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.

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