Leases: Covenants and Consents (2ed)

Leases: Covenants and Consents (2ed)
Leases: Covenants and Consents (2ed)
Crabb, L
Sweet & Maxwell

Providing practitioners with a thorough and authoritative analysis of the subject, Leases: Covenants and Consents:

  • Examines the relevant law when a tenant under a lease seeks consent to sell the lease, to under let, to improve the property or to change the use of the property
  • Offers case law, commentary and analysis, demonstrating how the law has been applied in practice, whilst ensuring that practitioners are fully up-to-date and understand recent changes
  • Takes you step-by-step through the area, including the problems you may encounter and how to resolve the as well as obligations and responsibilities of parties
  • Includes draft letters, draft responses, notices, statements of case, statutory extracts and precedents to save time and aid drafting
  • Provides new chapters including, the Landlord and Tenant (Covenants) Act 1995, Drafting Disposition Covenants, Litigation Tactics and Part 6: Precedents and Pleadings
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