Law of Torts in Australia (5ed)

Law of Torts in Australia
Law of Torts in Australia (5ed)
Barker, K
Oxford UP Australia

The aim of the fifth edition of The Law of Torts in Australia, like that of the previous four, is to provide a distinctively Australian account of the most important parts of tort law, primarily for use by students. This edition is the most comprehensive offering; it goes into more depth than other texts, and explores motivations and complexities behind the principles of tort law, whilst challenging students to think critically about the law.

  • Comprehensive: Gives underlying issues more depth, with more exploration of motivations & complexities.
  • Integrated discussion of defences and damages in chapters on Intentional Interferences with the Person, Land and Goods.
  • Up-to-date discussion and analysis of legislative reforms to negligence law, including damages, defences, proportionate liability and contribution, and the liability of public bodies.
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