Law of Mobile Homes & Caravans (2ed)

Law of Mobile Homes & Caravans (2ed)
Clayden, P
Shaw & Sons Ltd

The comlexity of the law as it relates to the use of caravans as holiday and, indeed, permanent accommodation should not be underestimated.

This book clarifies the legislation for the legal specialist but will also prove invaluable to those who deal with caravans on a practical level, such as commercial site owners and operators and residents' associations.

All aspects of the law as it relates to caravans are covered, including site control, powers and duties of local authorities, the rights of owners and occupiers of residential homes, gypsy encampments, road traffic control and taxation.

This is the second edition of a book first published in 1985. Whilst the main statutory provisions relating directly to mobile homes and caravans have not altered a great deal, there have been many changes in law, practice and policy in related areas.

Among the main changes which have taken place are: the abolition of the duty on local authorities to provide sites for travellers; new laws relating to the removal of unauthorised campers; and new security of tenure provisions for residential tenants.

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