Law of Charitable Status

Law of Charitable Status
Law of Charitable Status
Meakin, R
Cambridge University Press

This in-depth commentary on the Charities Act 2006 outlines the new requirements for qualifying as a charity and examines the concept of ‘public benefit’. The author, a former Charity Commission lawyer who has practised in charity law for 20 years, conducts a theoretical and empirical analysis of the reasons why charitable status might be removed by the Charity Commission, looks at the position of charitable property when institutions cease to be charitable and examines the likely effect of the independent Charity Tribunal on the appeals process. The post-Act treatment of controversial charities is also explored.

• Includes examples of charities at risk, allowing the reader to learn how to avoid problem areas of charitable status • Includes areas of charitable status which are changing, allowing the reader to spot opportunities and pitfalls • Includes a review of Charity Commission inquiries and the appeals process, allowing the reader to see the triggers for inquiries and to note their rights

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