Jackson and Powell on Professional Liability (4th Supplement to 7ed)

Jackson and Powell on Professional Liability (4th Supplement to 7ed)
Jackson and Powell on Professional Liability (4th Supplement to 7ed)
Powell, J
Sweet & Maxwell

This 4th Supplement to the 7th edition brings the edition up to date with the latest legislation and case law, which include:

Professional Indemnity Insurance
Impact Funding Solutions Ltd v Barrington Support Services Ltd [2015] EWCA Civ 31; [2015] Lloyd's Rep. I.R. 371 (A solicitor's contractual liability under a loan agreement was not excluded from cover under the SRA's Minimum Terms and Conditions).
AIG Europe Ltd v OC320301 LLP  [2015] EWHC 2398 (Comm) (The words “series of related matters or transactions” in an insurance policy will only aggregate a series of transactions where the transactions are interdependent upon each other).

Insurance Brokers
Involnert Management Inc v Aprilgrange Ltd [2015] EWHC 2225 (Comm) (Duties owed to an insured by its broker and a sub-broker).

Construction Professionals
Rendlesham Estates Plc v Barr Ltd [2014] EWHC 3968 (TCC) (Various issues arising under the Defective Premises Act 1972).

Titan Europe 2006-3 Plc v Colliers International Plc (In liquidation) [2015] EWCA Civ 1083 (Rejection, obiter, of argument that lender with title to loans had suffered no loss since note-holders had their own separate rights of action).

AIB Group (UK) Plc v Mark Reder & Co [2014] UKSC 58 (Reaffirmation of correctness of Target Holdings Ltd v Redferns [1996] A.C. 421 in relation to causation of loss by breach of trust).

Thomas v Albutt [2015] EWHC 2187 (Ch) (Barrister’s negligence in relation to judicial review proceedings did not cause loss, as the claimant’s prospects of success would only have been improved by 5–10 per cent, below the 10 per cent threshold for the loss of a chance).

Medical Practitioners
Montgomery v Lanarkshire Health Board [2015] UKSC 11 (Doctor is under a duty to take reasonable care to ensure that the patient is aware of any material risks involved in any recommended treatment and of any reasonable alternative or variant treatment). 

Accountants and Auditors
Swynson v Lowick Rose [2015] EWCA Civ 629 (Refinancing of a loss was an extraneous factor which did not relieve the defendant from liability).

Jetivia SA v Bilta (UK) Ltd (In liquidation) [2015] UKSC 23 (Decision of House of Lords in Stone & Rolls Ltd v Moore Stephens [2009] UKHL 39 zombied).

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