Independence of Judges

Independence of Judges
Independence of Judges
Engstad, N
Eleven International Publishin

This anniversary book, published in honour of the 100th birthday of the Norwegian Association of Judges, focuses on the independence of Judges. The independence of judges encompasses a variety of problematic aspects.

A key element is the relationship of the judiciary to the legislative and executive powers. What does it mean that judges should be independent, and what is the basis of this principle from a judicial point of view and from the perspective of the history of ideas? What are the international trends in this field? How do lawyers, prosecuting authorities and social scientists view this principle? What challenges are posed by a multicultural society? How should the principle be adapted to today's media society?

The Norwegian Association of Judges invited authors with special expertise and insight in these areas to cast light on the subject. The result is a complete and up to date book on the subject, that should be of interest to an international readership.

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