Halliday's Conveyancing Law & Practice in Scotland (2ed) Vol 1

Halliday's Conveyancing Law & Practice in Scotland (2ed) Vol 1
Talman, IJS (Ed)
W Green & Son

Halliday's Conveyancing volumes have long been established as the authority on this important subject. The original four volumes were published separately. Iain Talman has now integrated all matters, updating all legislative change and virtually every area of legal powers and capacity. This new edition covers a great number of subjects, in particular European economic interest groupings.


Volume I:

  • Documents of debt
  • Various forms of renting
  • Creating security over corporeal moveable property
  • Changes in company law
  • Consultancy agreements
  • Duty of care letters
  • Changes in taxation
  • Changes in law relating to pension schemes
  • Contracts of employment (share schemes)
  • Agreements for the sale and acquisition of businesses
  • Distribution, sole purchase and franchising agreements
  • Intellectual property licences
  • Expanded material on trusts (including styles)
  • Expanded commentary on larger range of common clauses (e.g. interest and indemnity clauses)
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