Goods in Transit (3ed)

Goods in Transit (3ed)
Goods in Transit (3ed)
Bugden, P
Sweet & Maxwell

This new 3rd edition draws together in a unique way the many various aspects of shipping, transport, contract, agency, bailment, property and general commercial law, to provide clear, principled and comprehensive guidance through the law of freight forwarding and carriage of goods in the context of international trade.

  • Discusses legal principles in depth, so the foundations on which the law is developed are clear
  • Shows how the courts have applied the law in practice through detailed analysis of recent case law
  • Looks at the international dimension of carriage of goods in a cross border context, encompassing the various International Transport Conventions
  • Analyses the various statutory and contractual liability regimes applicable to carriers
  • Provides detailed analysis of agency law in relation to carriage of goods and international carriage
  • Considers the rights and liabilities of the agent vis-a vis a third party
  • Deals in detail with the various causes of action
  • Analyses liability issues, remedies and damages in depth
  • Assesses the various contexts within which a claimant can recover damages for loss of or damage to goods
  • Examines in detail property elements in carriage of goods and international trade law
  • Deals with bailment amid the view of its essential place in the understanding of the whole of carriage of goods law
  • Discusses the issues raised by outsourcing and heavylift, project forwarding and logistics contracts
  • Deals with interest in its various forms, statutory, contractual, ‘judgment made’ and interest under the Late Payment of Debts Act
  • Contains a very comprehensive set of appendices
  • Presents key source material in appendices, including Standard Carriage Documents, International Carriage Conventions (with status information) and domestic statutes

New to the 3rd edition:

  • Improved and simplified structure
  • Incorporates much new case law throughout and numerous new topics such as illegality
  • Updated analysis on bailment including new case law
  • Incorporates tables on limitation of liability and times bars for easy comparison of carriage convention requirements
  • Under the title of the ‘Duties and Liabilities of the merchant’ a broad range of topics often considered haphazardly is uniquely captured in one place
  • A fresh examination of competing claims and the redirection of goods
  • Updated comprehensive appendices to reflect convention and legislative change and the evolution of ideas since the last edition appeared
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