Garner's Law of Sewers and Drains (10ed)

Garner's Law of Sewers and Drains
Garner's Law of Sewers and Drains (10ed)
Bailey, S
Sweet & Maxwell

The only publication that deals specifically with the complex and obscure legislation in this area

Garner’s Law of Sewers & Drains:

  • Explains the subject matter in a clear and straightforward way, drawing attention to matters of practical difficulty
  • Deals with the new primary legislation affecting water and sewerage undertakers - including the parts of the Flood Management and Water Act 2010 relating to infrastructure providers and the adoption of sustainable drainage systems
  • Explains the new regime for regulating a wide range of activities that may affect the environment contained in the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010
  • Details further moves towards implementation of the policy that responsibility for private sewers and lateral drains should be transferred to undertakers
  • Covers a number of important new cases, dealing with issues such as:
    • the meaning of “sewer”
    • the scope of the Marcic decision in restricting common law claims in nuisance against sewerage undertakers
    • the application of environmental protection to treatments processes at intermediate plants
    • the application of offences arising out of the escape of controlled waste to the escape of sewage from pipes maintained by a sewerage undertaker
    • and the decision that the choice of the point of connection to a public sewer lies with the owner or occupier, not the undertaker
  • Is an essential reference work for lawyers practising in this area, as well as those working in civil engineering and construction management
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