Gambling for Local Authorities: Licensing, Planning and Regeneration (2ed)

Gambling for Local Authorities
Gambling for Local Authorities: Licensing, Planning and Regeneration (2ed)
Kolvin, P
Institute of Licensing

This book charts the terrain of gambling law simply and succinctly for both licensing and planning professionals.

The second edition includes important new material including:

  • Commentary on major issues, including split premises, skills with prize machines and house prize competitions.
  • New regulatory material, including up-dated regulations, Guidance and Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice
  • New case law, including on provisional statements, appeals, costs and bias.
  • New text on Planning Policy Statement 4 and the Community Infrastructure Levy.
  • A new chapter on problem gambling by Professor Mark Griffiths.
  • New tables and figures to explain and simplify the law.

Written in a clear, accessible style, supplemented by extensive use of diagrams and tables to illustrate the key concepts, this book is designed for reading by all professionals and committee members working in the licensing and planning process relating to gambling.

With its insights into the working of the legislation from the regulator's point of view, the book will also be invaluable to other participants in the system, particularly industry operators and representatives.

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