Gambling Act 2005 (Current Law Statutes)

Gambling Act 2005 (Current Law Statutes)
Rohsler, C
Sweet & Maxwell

The Gambling Act 2005 creates a new and unified regulatory network for the regulation of all forms of gambling in the UK (with the exception of the National Lottery). The provisions of the Act include: the establishment of an independent Gambling Commission; the categorisation and deregulation of casinos and the regulation of gambling advertising.

Gambling Act 2005 - A Current Law Statute Guide provides a full reproduction of the Act, together with annotations, to give guidance on the interpretation, implications and application of the Act in practice.

* Enables practitioners to assess the scope of the Act and its implications, familiarise themselves with the changes, understand the technicalities and clarify procedure
* Explains the remit of the new independent Gambling Commission
* Sets out the new powers vested in local authorities to licence gambling premises within their area
* Explains the new casino licensing system
* Explains the regulation of gambling advertising
* Sets out the new licensing duty for UK operators of remote communication gambling
* Annotated by a well known specialist in the field of gambling law and regulation

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