EU Anti-Subsidy Law & Practice (2ed)

EU Anti-Subsidy Law & Practice (2ed)
EU Anti-Subsidy Law & Practice (2ed)
Sweet & Maxwell

Providing a comprehensive review of EU rules and their practical interpretation, EU Anti-Subsidy Law and Practice:

  • Gives clear guidance on the procedures for tackling subsidized imports in the EU, and offers practical advice when embarking upon the relevant anti-subsidy proceedings
  • Addresses the concept of subsidisation
  • Looks at the circumstances in which subsidised imports cause injury to a community industry, helping to determine when a case can be made
  • Considers what countervailing measures involve and how they work
  • Explains the processes and powers of the European Commission in relation to anti-subsidy and the handling of anti-subsidy investigations
  • Provides commentary on when a subsidy could be a target of countervailing measures
  • Incorporates flowcharts explaining the processes involved in taking a case to court and the role that the European commission Advisory Committee plays
  • Includes commentary on avoiding procedural pitfalls when preparing a case
  • Looks at the practical interpretation of the EU rules, enabling you to learn from the outcomes of previous cases
  • Explores the remedies and possible means of resolution
  • Examines how EU and WTO rules interact
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