Equity (2ed)

Equity (2ed)
Worthington, S
Oxford University Press

This second edition of Sarah Worthington's Equity maintains the clear ambitions of the first. It sets out the basic principles of equity, and illustrates them by reference to commercial and domestic examples of their operation.

The book comprehensively and succinctly describes the role of equity in creating and developing rights and obligations, remedies and procedures that differ in important ways from those provided by the common law itself.

Worthington delivers a complete reworking of the material traditionally described as equity. In doing this, she provides a thorough examination of the fundamental principles underpinning equity's most significant incursions into the modern law of property, contract, tort, and unjust enrichment. In addition, she exposes the possibilities, and the need, for coherent substantive integration of common law and equity. Such integration she perceives as crucial to the continuing success of the modern common law legal system. This book provides an accessible and elementary exploration of equity's place in our modern legal system, whilst also tackling the most taxing and controversial questions which our dual system of law and equity raises.

  • Introduces the basic principles of equity, emphasising contemporary views and modern issues
  • Considers the impact equity has had on the modern legal landscape, and the controversial questions that arise from our dual system of law and equity
  • The clarity of the language ensures that legal debates in this area are readily accessible to all readers

New to this edition

  • The second edition will be thoroughly updated to include significant Court of Appeal and House of Lords cases, that are material to the legal ideas discussed
  • Selective references to the key cases and commentary have been incorporated to provide guidance for students wishing to pursue the issues in more detail
  • Includes footnotes and references to leading cases

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