Environmental Law (8ed)

Environmental Law (8ed)
Environmental Law (8ed)
Bell, S
Oxford University Press

Trusted by generations of students and academics alike, Donald McGillivray and Ole Pedersen provide a welcome update of this leading environmental law textbook. The 8th edition continues to provide broad and comprehensive coverage of the key topics taught on most environmental law courses, explaining the subject in its social and political context and considering both UK and international perspectives.

Known for its clear structure and systematic approach, topics are considered by theme and by sector, allowing more experienced readers to explore the intricacies of the subject while also providing a logical introduction for those new to environmental law or without a legal background.

A clear and easy-to-understand writing style helps ensure readers are informed yet not overwhelmed, while useful diagrams and tables help to explain complex points. The new edition also features chapter summaries, information boxes, and self-test questions to help draw out key points and consolidate your learning in preparation for assessments and further research.

  • Provides broad and thorough coverage of the key topics taught on most environmental law courses, such as climate change, water pollution, and waste management, plus separate chapters on town planning and conservation
  • Offers thematic discussion of key topics, examining debates and legislation from both a domestic and international perspective
  • Sets the subject in context, providing an accessible introduction to the main themes and principles which shape environmental law, making it an ideal text both for students new to the subject and those looking to develop their understanding of this dynamic area
  • Includes diagrams, tables, and information boxes to clearly explain complex points and processes
  • Features chapter summaries and self-test questions to help consolidate your learning and guide you through the subject
  • Includes further reading lists to help support independent study and assessment preparation
  • Accompanied by a free-to-use Online Resource Centre which includes three additional chapters on landscape management, local controls and remedies, and disposal of waste. The website also features useful weblinks and updates from the authors

New to this edition

  • Coverage of the EU Industrial Emissions Directive 2010 and the UK Climate Change Act 2008
  • Discussion of the Localism Act 2011 and its impact on planning
  • Takes account of Lisbon Treaty and the EU's environmental role
  • Discussion of extension of environmental permitting to water discharges
  • Enhanced coverage of environmental rights, including under the Aarhus Convention
  • Coverage of important cases including the ICJ's Pulp Mills decision, key Court of Justice decisions such as the Slovak Brown Bear case and national case law on the interface between regulation and private rights (Barr v Biffa)

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