Drafting Confidentiality Agreements (3ed)

Drafting Confidentiality Agreements
Drafting Confidentiality Agreements (3ed)
Anderson, M
Pb + cd
Law Society Publishing

In recent years there has been an increase in the range of situations where confidentiality agreements may apply.

Drafting Confidentiality Agreements gives practical, time-saving assistance when you need to draft or negotiate a confidentiality agreement.

The new 3rd edition has been updated and expanded to include:

  • Several new precedents covering situations when confidentiality agreements might apply such as where trade secrets or customer lists are being disclosed
  • Additional drafting notes throughout
  • New commentary on business situations where confidentiality obligations are implied and the extent of the implied obligations.

The book is set out in three parts:

  • A practical explanation of how English law protects confidential information in a business context
  • Discussion of commercial practice in relation to confidentiality agreements, including commentary onthe terms of such agreements
  • A selection of confidentiality agreement precedents, reproduced on the accompanying CD-ROM.
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