Customer Newsletter No 26 December 2012

The new edition of Gloag & Henderson is out now. Gloag & Henderson remains the best one-stop resource for Scots lawyers practising in private and commercial law. Edited by Prof Hector MacQueen and Lord Eassie the 13th edition takes into account all changes since 2007 and provides expert analysis of the current state of Scots law.

Other practitioner titles expected before Christmas include: the third edition of Peter Robson's book Residential Tenancies which covers all the major Scottish Housing Acts since the last edition in 1998; a new edition of David Johnston's Prescription and Limitation from SULI dealing with the significant developments in case law and legislation, as well as various amendments to the 1973 Act, which have occurred since the last edition in 1999; and The Lands Tribunal for Scotland which is the first and only in-depth treatment of that body since its re-birth following the Title Conditions (Scotland) Act 2003.

Greens are publishing two volumes in the Greens Essential Legislation series, both of which will appear in December, we hope! Debt Legislation by Dawn McKenzie was expected last month but now looks set to appear as a last-minute Christmas present. And Mental Health Legislation is being published now to complement the Annotated Act, pending the new legislation which will follow from the McManus Review.

Since Christmas is fast approaching we have included in this Newsletter some books which might do a lawyer as a present. LinkedIn for Lawyers sets out how to make the networking site work for your business. Rose Heilbron is the biography of one of the first women QCs written by her daughter, who is also a lawyer. And, for those who are interested in legal history, the Edinburgh Legal Education Trust is reprinting, in high quality hardback, a number of Scots legal classics. Selected by the Series Editor Professor Kenneth Reid of the University of Edinburgh, with introductions by leading Scots academics, they make surprisingly entertaining reading! Already published: Bell's Principles (4th edition) and Bell's Dictionary. Coming soon: Forbes' Institutes. Finally, a book we mentioned in September's Newsletter but which is worth including again as a possible Christmas gift: The Community of the College of Justice by John Finlay examines the important role of College members in the cultural and economic flowering of Scotland as a whole, and Edinburgh in particular, in the 18th century.

Happy Christmas to all our customers and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!