Customer Newsletter December 2013

Pronounced for Doom is the second volume of essays on interesting Scottish cases edited by John Grant and Elaine Sutherland of Stirling University. Each chapter takes a famous case and reflects on its significance. The essays delve into the historical and legal context and the characters of those involved. Cases covered include the trials of Deacon Brodie, the Glasgow Bank Directors and Madeleine Smith.

Further Weird Cases: Comic and Bizarre Cases from Courtrooms Around the World, by Gary Slapper, is another instalment of extraordinary cases based on the author’s popular Times Online column. Cases featured include a man from Florida who had his hand bitten off by an alligator and was then convicted of 'illegally feeding an alligator'; a case in Brazil in which an election candidate had tried to gain votes by including a free sample of cocaine with each election leaflet; and a case determining whether it is theft for a shopper to go to the ‘free sample’ counter of meat in a supermarket, fill two bags with the samples, and exit. (Please Note: The publication of this title has been delayed until February 2014).

Final JudgmentMore seriously, Final Judgment by Alan Paterson of Strathclyde University provides a compelling view of the workings of the House of Lords during its final decade, and into the formative years of the Supreme Court. Drawing on more than 40 interviews with Law Lords and Justices and some of their judicial notebooks, this is a landmark study of appellate judging 'from the inside'.

Turning to the mundane matter of working tools - recently published books for professional lawyers include the 4th edition of Angus McAllister's Scottish Law of Leases and the 3rd edition of Kenneth Norrie's Children's Hearings in Scotland. The second volume of Robin Evans-Jones' SULI book on Unjustified Enrichment appeared in November.

The third edition of Jack Cummins' Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, for the Greens Annotated Acts series, has also just been published. Since the last edition there have been substantial statutory amendments and the new edition takes full account of these and a stream of relevant cases. An invaluable guide to an area of great technical complexity.

Greens are publishing offprints from the Parliament House Book in portable paperbacks which will be of practical use to lawyers.

Legal Aid Legislation 2013-14 has just come out and the volumes of Bankruptcy and Mercantile Statutes and of Family Law Statutes and Orders 2013/2014 are expected before Christmas.

Also anticipated during December:

Confiscation and Civil Recovery by Heather-Mairi Carmichael is 'the first dedicated Scottish book dealing with the law relating to the confiscation of proceeds of crime in criminal proceedings, the civil recovery of criminal assets, the detention and forfeiture of cash in summary proceedings under the 'Proceeds of Crime Act 2002'

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Scotland is an adaptation for Scotland of a bestselling English text by James Kessler QC. William Grant WS has co-written the volume and it is designed specifically for drafting Scottish trusts.