Conveyancing 2011

Reid and Gretton Conveyancing 2011
Conveyancing 2011
Reid, KGC
Avizandum Publishing Ltd

Conveyancing 2011, the thirteenth volume in the series, offers a full and authoritative account of conveyancing law and practice in Scotland during the year 2011. As usual, the coverage includes:


  • all reported cases
  • all statutory developments
  • other material of interest to practitioners


The authors analyse court decisions on topics as diverse as suing for the unpaid purchase price, supersession of missives, liability for maintenance of a pend, the meaning of ‘flat’, the recognition of a servitude of projection, the interaction of the Land Register with negative prescription, the use of Sasine writs to interpret entries on the Land Register, irritancy of leases, the interpretation of standard securities, mortgage fraud and solicitors’ liability, the diligence of adjudication, and extra-judicial eviction in claims for breach of warrandice.

Particular attention is given to the validity and enforceability of real burdens, and their variation and discharge by the Lands Tribunal. Among the legislative initiatives discussed are the Property Factors (Scotland) Act 2011 and the Land Registration etc (Scotland) Bill.


Written in a clear, direct style,Conveyancing 2011is an essential guide for practitioners to this fast-moving area of law.

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