Conveyancing 2008

Reid and Gretton Conveyancing 2008
Conveyancing 2008
Reid, KGC
Avizandum Publishing Ltd

Conveyancing 2008, the tenth volume in the series, offers a full and authoritative account of conveyancing law and practice in Scotland during 2008.

The coverage includes:

  • all reported cases
  • all statutory developments
  • other material of interest to practitioners

The authors analyse court decisions on topics as diverse as the statutory test of interest to enforce real burdens; whether signage is among the servitudes recognised in Scots law; the proper meaning of the possession “as of right” needed to establish a servitude by prescription; the variation and discharge of title conditions; the legal effect of reserving a new house; the problem of unsatisfactory coal mining reports; irritancy of leases; leases to partnerships; the interpretation of break options; tenants-at-will; a heritable creditor’s duty to obtain the best price on sale following a debtor’s default; survivorship clauses; judicial rectification; and breach of warrandice. Particular attention is given to PMP Plus v Keeper of the Registers of Scotland, a decision which calls into question the way in which developers deal with common parts, and the manner in which common parts are entered on the Land Register.
Kenneth Reid is Professor of Scots Law at the University of Edinburgh.
George Gretton is Lord President Reid Professor of Law at the University of Edinburgh.

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