Clinical Negligence (4ed)

Clinical Negligence (4ed)
Powers, MJ
Bloomsbury Professional

The new 4th edition of Powers, Harris & Barton’s acclaimed book on the law relating to clinical negligence is now available. Written by a team of 70 legal and medical experts,Clinical Negligence, 4th edprovides authoritative guidance on all aspects of clinical negligence claims, from bringing an action for damages to presenting expert evidence in court.

While Part 1 provides comprehensive coverage of the practical legal aspects of negligence actions, Part II provides expert accounts of the risks and standards of practice associated with 22 different areas of clinical practice. A uniquely valuable book for both lawyers and clinical practitioners,Clinical negligence, 4th edwill help you make the best possible preparations for an action.

New legislation – New case law and fully revised and updated, this new edition will provide you with an in-depth understanding of current issues, covering:-

  • Important House of Lords decisions including: Gregg v Scott; Chester v Afshar; Fairchild v Glenhaven; Barker v Corus; asbestos pleural plaque litigation; A v Hoare
  • The Court of Appeal decision for Thompstone v Glossop
  • The NHS Redress Act 2006 concerned with compensation for clinical negligence in hospital settings
  • The proposed new coroners’ legislation
  • The proposed new medical professional regulation

The key reasons why you need this book:-

  • Access 9 brand-new chapters covering essential medical and legal areas
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of current issues and developments
  • Ensure you are making the best possible preparations for an action
  • Be confident in the knowledge that you are giving the most up-to-date, authoritative advice
  • Now includes a full searchable CD-ROM containing the full text, charts and all other material in the book
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