Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments (6ed)

Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments
Civil Jurisdiction and Judgments (6ed)
Briggs, A
Informa Law

Now in a fully updated sixth edition, this book is an established treatise in the field of civil jurisdiction and judgments.

It states, analyses, illuminates and evaluates the law of civil jurisdiction and the enforcement of foreign judgments in English law, with this new edition taking into account the implications of the new Brussels I Regulation recast, Regulation (EU) 1215/2012, as well as the great number of developments in the case law which have taken place since 2009.

This book looks in detail at

  • the jurisdictional rules put in place by the (recast) Brussels I Regulation
  • the common law rules of jurisdiction
  • the principles according to which that jurisdiction will or will not be exercised
  • the extent to which proceedings before a foreign court may be assisted or impeded
  • obtaining interim and interlocutory relief
  • recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments

This text is an authoritative and comprehensive reference for all legal professionals working in commercial law across jurisdictions.

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