Civil Appeals (2ed)

Civil Appeals (2ed)
Civil Appeals (2ed)
Burton, M
Nova Law & Finance

Civil Appeals 2ed provides a full view on civil appeals, including appeals from and to all levels, from decisions of District Judges and Tribunals, High Court and County Court, up to the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court, the Privy Council or the European Courts

  • The first chapter presents an in-depth view of the Appeals process under the CPR,, creating a strong foundation of information, cross-referenced throughout the book
  • Offers a comprehensive review by specialist practitioners of the law and practice of appeals in individual subject areas, including Employment, Immigration, Family Law, Elections, Tax, Social Security, Planning and Rating and Intellectual Property Provides detailed coverage of applications to the European Court of Justice, for Preliminary Rulings
  • Includes an exposition of how to submit complaints to the European Court of Human Rights Comprehensively explains and clarifies specialist appellate process and procedure
  • The entire work is renewed and updated
  • Includes new chapters on Housing, Environmental Control and Tribunals
  • Includes a new preface by Lord Woolf
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